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The Canterbury Initiative (CI) is a clinically-led way of working which focuses on addressing and resolving the challenges that a changing population and workforce demographics will have on the delivery of health care in Canterbury.


Vision Statement – Working Together

The various elements of the health system work together, with our part being to improve the interfaces between community, primary and secondary care to ensure:

  • Individuals and organisations provide effective healthcare to patients; and when issues arise between services, people or groups, these are communicated and resolved quickly and effectively
  • Health care providers and administrators work with a sense of purpose
  • Health care providers have confidence in what they are doing and can rely on others in the system to fulfil their obligations professionally
  • Patients are empowered to care for themselves, and have access to the services and information they need with clarity and efficiency

Website Links

For further information:

Canterbury Initiative Project Site - Workstream meeting minutes, agendas, workgroup contacts and other relevant documents for project members. Click here

HealthPathways - Clinical and administrative information for effective management of patients with the Canterbury public health system. Click here

HealthPathways Survey Download - Click here

HealthInfo - Patient information for the Canterbury public. Click here